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Ball Pythons as Exotic Pets

As reptile and exotic pet ownership gains popularity amongst the mainstream public, there are a few reptile pets that stand out amongst the rest. Snakes and specifically Ball pythons have been kept as exotic pets for years by hobbyist and breeders across the country and the world. This has led to a booming industry in reptiles and reptile related products. There are a number of reasons for the popularity of Ball Pythons and we are going to cover some of those reasons here.

Ball pythons are a medium sized non venomous snake that originate from central Africa. They are found in the countries of Ghana, Togo and Benin and are farmed and shipped into the US by the tens of thousands. The reason for their global popularity and appeal is in their behavior, size and color. Ball pythons rarely get over five feet long and are known for their defensive measure of rolling into a ball instead of striking. That is also where they get their name from. They are also one of the most variable snakes as far as the number of color and pattern mutations.

Keeping Ball Pythons as an exotic pet can be a very rewarding experience for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. Most baby Ball Pythons can be kept in a small terrarium with an under tank heater. Other essential components are bedding, a hide spot and a water bowl. It is important to keep heat lamps out of a ball python set up since they tend to dry out the tank and also confuse the snake when feeding frozen thawed prey items. Hatchling Ball Pythons require more frequent feedings than adults. Normal feeding schedule is one to two times a week for baby ball pythons while two to four times a month is adequate for adults.

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