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    Stunning pattern on this 20 inch male motley colombian boa that is also 100% het for anery. Great looking example with awesome contrast and he is doing fantastic. Will make great future breeding stock and is sure to be a beautiful adult. The post BIN-MOTLEY 100% HET ANERY COLOMBIAN BOA MALE appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Very cool looking 3 inch Harding produced Redfoot tortoise. Beautiful shell on this one with odd looking yellow head and legs. Feeding very well and doing awesome. He/she was being a little shy for pics, but has a personable outgoing attitude. Should be a very interesting looking adult. The post BIN-A++ HARDING “YELLOW” REDFOOT TORTOISE-3 […]
    Very nice 7 inch 28 gram male patternless leopard gecko. Docile Leo that is growing fast and will be breeding size before you know it. The post BIN-PATTERNLESS LEOPARD GECKO MALE-28 GRAMS appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Very pretty and well started 2 inch cb Chinese golden thread turtle. Great looking example with a perfect shell and this little one is feeding like a champ. Active an outgoing on display. The post BIN-CB CHINESE GOLDEN THREAD TURTLE appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Insane looking 68 gram super pastel, spotnose combo male. Super busy pattern and his head is incredible looking. Powerful future breeder that guarantees every spotnose or spotnose combo you make will also be pastel. The post BIN-SUPER PASTEL SPOTNOSE MALE appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Beautiful 13 inch female Mexican milksnake that is also 100% het albino. She has a very small tail tip kink which can be see in the pics if you look closely. Solid feeder that is doing great. The post BIN-MEXICAN MILKSNAKE 100% HET ALBINO FEMALE appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Beautiful 29 inch female Central American boa female that is 100% het for t-positive ca albino. Nice well started girl with a stunning tail and she will be excellent future breeding stock. The post BIN-100% HET T-POSITIVE ALBINO CA BOA FEMALE-29 INCH appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Awesome looking 3.5 inch shell length on this cb snapping turtle. Calm easily handled animal that is doing great and feeds like a champ. These are actually quite docile when raised in captivity contrary to their namesake. These can get massive size so if you are not familiar with proper care and housing make sure […]
    This auction is for 2 cb well started 2 inch baby serrated sideneck turtles. Both are doing great and feeding perfectly. Very cool aquatic species that get to be about 7-8 inches as adults. Even prettier in person. The post BIN-2 PACK CB SERRATED SIDENECK TURTLES appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.
    Beautiful orange and a bold white stripe on this 7 inch 23 gram male cb fat tail gecko. Awesome animal that is even prettier in person. Will make great future breeding stock. The post BIN-CB STRIPED FAT TAIL GECKO MALE-7 INCH appeared first on BSRAUCTIONS.

Rodents, Worms, and Insects Available

Price List

We are constantly working on updating our price list. If you do not see the animal that you are interested in listed online. Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide pricing and details.


Care Sheet

It is important to know the proper care for any reptile you consider getting. We have care sheets that can help you learn about the different species and how to care for them correctly. Remember, we are here to assist If you have any questions.

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Live Arrival Guarantee

We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our animals. We also guarantee the sex of the animal to match what was stated at the time the animal was purchased.

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 All live animals ship Mon-Wed for a flat rate of $49.99 via FedEx overnight service with early morning arrival. Live animals purchased by 5:00 pm Eastern Monday thru Wednesday will be shipped the same day excluding holidays.

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Reptile Day Care

It doesn’t matter if it is a vacation or a short business trip, Miami Reptile Company will watch your Lizard, Snake or Tortoise while you are gone!



  • Feeding - Included
  • Watering - Included
  • Soaking - If needed
  • Lighting - If needed


  • Feeding - Add Food Costs
  • Watering - Included
  • Soaking - If needed
  • Lighting - If needed


  • Housing - Included
  • Feeding - Included
  • Soaking - If needed
  • Lighting - If needed
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All of our staff are knowledgeable and friendly reptile lovers! We are always available to answer any of your questions, provide tips and encouragement, and do everything we can to help make your pet and shopping experience a rewarding one.

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What our customers saying?

  • A lot of space

    张阴暗 Avatar

    lov this place and bubbles always finds a snack

    Miriam Olivera-Burr Avatar
    Miriam Olivera-Burr

    I just want to share an experience I had recently with Miami Reptile Company, formerly Ben Siegel Reptiles; specifically through their auctions. On Aug. 25th, I won an auction for a very young male snow hog, and took the option to pay over 30 days. Fast forward to 9/26, when I received said hognose—very emaciated, very malnourished. Wondering if this animal was a trouble feeder, I offered food right in the deli it was shipped in. My rationale was if this animal was a really good feeder, it would except the food, even after the stress of shipping and handling. If not, then I would rehydrate and try again in a few days. Low and behold, it took the pinky IMMEDIATELY, without hesitation. After it ate, I gave him some water, which he drank like no tomorrow. I was furious. All signs pointed toward neglect, for who knows how long (presumably the moment the animal was marked “sold”, but that’s purely conjecture.

    I reached out to a hognose group for advice on how to proceed, even being kind enough to leave MRC’s name out of it—primarily out of respect for numerous positive experiences with them. I took the advice of the group and confronted the shop owner over DM, even though my experience with negative dealings has always only gone one way—they refuse to accept responsibility for the shape the animal was in upon arrival, feed me any line they can think of to excuse the inexcusable, only to end with a animal who suffered and no satisfaction in terms of resolution. I will post the screenshots below of my conversation with them. Just as predicted, they refused to accept responsibility for the animals’ poor body condition, followed by a request for me to give him the night and reach out again on the morning of 9/27, to which I obliged. That morning the little guy looked a lot better, obviously not in ideal condition still, but better, and had held down the pinky. Awesome! He didn’t die! (What a ridiculous thing to have to worry about for a newly purchased animal!)

    Out of curiosity, I weighed him. His weight, after rehydrating and with a full belly mind you, was ONLY 6 GRAMS. 6!! After he’d been in their care for a month following the initial purchase contract—while I was unsure of the advertised weight, I would imagine that after a month he would weigh more than that, these guys grow like weeds when they’re eating/being fed. The pinky was an x-small from rodent pro, so it comprised 1.5-1.9g of that weight, meaning his empty weight is closer to 4-4.5g. Any hog that fed well for me has been bigger than that by a month old, without exception. I then sent pictures of him/updated them like I said I would, leaving his current weight out of the conversation on purpose. Instead, I asked what his advertised weight was. I was told they’d get that info to me later that day—which naturally, they didn’t. They knew why I asked that, and then they’d have to accept responsibility for the poor condition of the animal. Further, as you can see below, they fed me a line about how shedding/shipping can cause rapid weight loss. Give me a break. He was in that box less than 24hrs. It takes much longer than that to get to the shape he arrived in—especially compared to the advertised picture, which is also posted below.

    I will admit I started my correspondence with them from a position of anger and slight hostility. I wanted my money back. I didn’t get what I paid for. Further, there wasn’t a snowball’s shot in hell I was sending that poor animal back there to receive more of the same. In the time since, my attitude has changed a bit. It isn’t about money, I know I’ll never see that again. It’s about telling my experience as a cautionary tale to others. There is nothing they can do at this point to resolve this. BUYER BEWARE.


    Troy Quick

    Ex-Miami Reptile Company Customer.

    Troy Quick Avatar
    Troy Quick

    these guys are awesome very knowledgeable highly recommend this place for all your reptiles needs...

    Rudy Alonso Avatar
    Rudy Alonso
  • Very unique selection, lively animals too. Definitely not your average reptile place. So. Much variety, and variety within variety. Not your typical king snake, rat snake, two turtles and a Pac-Man frog place.

    Chris Person Avatar
    Chris Person

    My number 1 go to place when I am looking for something new to add to my collection! High quality animals, great customer service, fair prices and a HUGE variety to choose from!

    Patrick Sheffield Avatar
    Patrick Sheffield

    auctions. notifications on shipping. packed great and no problems with livestock.

    Richard Brooks Avatar
    Richard Brooks

    Sorry. Hit the wrong button on the last review. Really cool company selling really gorgeous animals. The bidding is a pretty cool way for people to purchase unique animals that would otherwise cost a fortune!

    David Bell Avatar
    David Bell
  • Awesome animals. Very fast responses to your questions as well.

    Wojtek Krasowski Avatar
    Wojtek Krasowski

    Great prices and excellent customer service. My #1 spot for anything with scales.

    Jeremy R. Dukes Avatar
    Jeremy R. Dukes

    Always the best service and knowledge on everything you'd need to know.. great place to experience new beautiful animals!

    Alexandra Benavides Avatar
    Alexandra Benavides

    theres nothing posted but ben seigal auctions

    John Said Jr. Avatar
    John Said Jr.

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